The aim of creating this website page is to create an engagement in the cohort for articulate discussion and empowered the local minority and marginalized community-including sex workers, LGBTQ, PUD and people who have been mass-incarcerated for miscellaneous criminal offences especially on abuse drug and drugs trafficking. These websites are also to encourage and educating the society by using the narrative-based stories from the local minority and the marginalized community over the inadequate and inefficacy treatment or intervention programmed that was designed by the state’s government social welfare with the aim to deterrence on the ‘social problem’ among the socialization of Singapore populations here. The ultimate goals for this website are to use the critical thinking approach, in becoming united voices for the whole framework on advocating against the whole system structural in asking the States government, as to provide the Singapore resident population on macro-level evidence-based research where there is a transparency practice in providing their data analysis research report that shows the social welfare systems structural here in Singapore, by not having the parochialism approach or practicing any prejudice, stereotyping and discriminatory characteristics against the minority and marginalized community including diversity gender and ethnicity sex workers, LGBTQ, PUD and people who have been mass-incarcerated  for miscellaneous criminal offences especially on abuse drugs and drug trafficking.


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