The Hidden Almost Forgotten Key Population’s Community

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Who Are the Hidden Key Population’s Community of Singapore?

Have you ever wonder or heard of the descriptive terms in using the key population as to represent a sub-culture community? If you have ever come across to the descriptive terms of representing this sub-culture community then have you ever thought who are the sub-culture community that really fits the criteria of the hidden key population’s community of Singapore. Well, the group memberships of people who are generally will be associated with this category are the group of people where basically the majority and dominant of the heteronormative societal will not want to be negatively associated themselves or even to expresses any empathy towards this group of people.

Even to an extent when any diverse civil society association or organisation, are interested in doing any social justices movement in the country the diverse civil society association or organisation will take so much consideration to explicitly displayed on the injustices and inequalities treatment that the sub-cultures community are facing, and the sub-cultures communities that this diverse civil society association or organisation will normally cherry-pick are the foreign labour or domestic employee, the so-called minority low-income group of people who normally will be associated with the Malay ethnicity where I should claim that the Malay ethnicity society need to stop associated themselves as the minority group of citizen when the data statistic of the demographic population actually shown that the Malay ethnicity group are at 15% standing at the second level after the majority group of 76.2% of the Chinese ethnicity groups whereas the actual minority ethnicity groups are the Indians that only makeup to 7.4% and the Eurasians ethnicity that making up for the balance numbers of the demographic nationalities population in Singapore

Not to disregard on any good faith intention coming from any of the diverse civil society association or organisation in Singapore, but due to the field work exposure that I am still attached to where I had been part of the Singapore community member representative for the Singapore CEDAW fifth periodic report, where these have given me the wide and broader lens to view on the actual factors of how does the social justice work have been addressed and categorised within the structural human systems of Singapore. Notably yet is very dishearting to realised that most of the social justice work or change that any of the diverse individuals, association or organisation are basically based on what will the benefits or recognition that they will reap out from social change movement that they proclaimed to be voicing out for the marginalised and minority group of community in Singapore.

Group membeship drug abuser

Yet the actual most marginalized and minority group of people, regardless of their ethnicity and class level that I am referring to the hidden key population’s community of Singapore is the group of people who uses drugs, the group of people who are forced to be incarcerated for minor or major drug-related criminal activity, the group of people who are subjected to Singapore harsh and punitive criminal justice drug policy, sex workers, trans community, the gay community and people who living with HIV and AIDS. These key population’s community have not only been deprived of having their voices to be heard among the other heteronormative societal of socio-economic yet throughout the past 52 years of the country accession to their own independent state recognition, these key population’s community have always been regarded as menace to the society which indirectly or directly has created the manifestation image as the main social problem that could hinder the positivity growth development of the hierarchical conservative in maintaining the man-made culture of the family values and beliefs.


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