Who Are We

Awaken Resistance, is a non-profit drug-based networking collective movement, co-founder by, a female peer-sex worker & drug activist. The movement was built on May 2017, the proposed collective ideas is to operates as an alternative resource platform avenue for Singapore key populations drug user community especially on (young & trans*) women who use drugs and incarcerated for minor drug-related offences. Currently the movement run and operates solely by the co-founder, herself, along with the extra help from a small group of peer-volunteers. Where we also advocate to challenge against the stigma and discriminatory act displayed from all level of group-membership identity whilst to take the challenge back from the Minister of Home Affairs and Laws, who urge anyone to produce any success rate case-study for taking the leniency approach on the global “war on drugs” rather to see the success rate from the punitive and tough measure approach of Singapore drugs-related policy.


To respect the key population community of Singapore drug user rights, to encourage and empowering the key population self-determination recognition rights to pursue their human right dignity as a human person.

To provide a ‘safe space’  environment for Singapore key population, whilst, to ensure for adequate, reliable and effective approached through holistic lifestyles engagement program.

To provide a clearer interpretation of the current evolution resolutions made by the INCB and UNGASS, to disengaged readers and the key populations community from any fallible presumption drug-related information, to challenge the patriarchal negativity attribute of public societal towards the key population and their immediate family members.

To promote for STIs/HIV and substance/drug use disorders intervention programs that emphasize with the recommendation of the best practice technical guideline and other scientific evidence-based approach that are recognize at the international level. To ensure the key populations accessibility to a highly attainable health services and clinical treatment, including appropriate medication-assisted therapy, as well as antiretroviral therapy, and other relevant intervention that prevent the transmission of HIV.

To advocate for a balances and proportionality drugs law policy, that respect and provide an effective alternative treatment of a balances, comprehensive and integrated approach, where health and welfare are at the core of drug control policy, where human rights are promoted and the principle of proportionality is applied.

To advocate and demand the recognition of human rights violation contributed by the relevant state authoritarian actors and agencies, where state are the technical source of the primary duty bearer to provide and fulfill their state obligation to redress and protect any form of human rights violation upon the key population community of Singapore drug user especially (young & trans*) women human rights recognition.

Vision and GoalsAdobe Spark (1)

Where, every individual person in Singapore should be granted their rights recognition to the general human rights principal, where, none human person should be deprives off their human dignity and rights as a human person living in Singapore. Where Singapore most respected Constitutional supreme laws, should be based on the early beginning of the creation of the national law that is reflected and based upon the fundamental general principal of the international laws of human rights bills.



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