Just recently in Singapore, as a part of the multi-racial society indirectly or directly majority of us have to abide in silent to the submission upon the harsh and none compassion jurisdiction made by the Counsel of the Court and Singapore Government to allow for the execution of the late Muhamad Ridzuan bin Muhamad Ali, age 32 where he was hanged at the early Friday morning dated on 19 May 2017. The reason that he was excuted was based on criminal offences that he had commited during 2010, where he was caught for drug-trafficking of 72.5 grams of heroin.

Notably, Singapore are still holding strong with the country heirarchical political ideology stance to promote in governing the country by instill through the harsh and punitive approach in utlizing it as form of the societal control to achiieve as a deterrence effects that conform an individual of not to be indulged in any illicit lifestyle activity. Singapore have long been recognize or even be refer as one of the most noturious developed country that have been putting people on the death penalty.

Even though the country were reprimended in many occasison, that the country government need to abolish or take a full stop measure to end the death penalty in respecting to the intergrity of the principle foundation to Universal Declaration of Human Rights in promoting and fully gurantee on an individual right to life, provided in the Article 3 of the Charter. That the political ideology of Singapore government to implement and utilize the Capital and Coporal punishment as a weapon of national criminal justice policy to be enforced according to the government’s assesment which based on its value as a crime-control measure even as a part of the terms of local cultural and socio-politcal values.

Both of the country legalislative jurisdiction on Capital and Corporal punishment not only that it should be regarded as a fundemental violation of universal human rights; not only the right to life but the right to be free from excessive, repressive and tortuous punishments including to denied an individual from obtaining the right to have their case to be heard and submitted to the internatioal law of court in preventing the risk of an innocent or underserving person to be excuted or to be inhumane and degrotary treatments.

To challange against the norms culture values and belief, on Singapore parochialism and ignorance attribute that have long been embedded among the cognititve mentality of Singapore social societal even among the social and religion intitutsional structural human system. While to promote for an appropriate awareness and to dessminated the information and knowledge among the societal of Singapore, to the highly repected customary norms of the international laws and ultimate foundation based upon the fundamental principle of universal decalaration of human rights.

To reached for more people-based support through the regional and international networking as to build for the people-based collective movement of Singapore key population of people who under drugs/substances use disorders/dependency. To provide for the key population community to attained thier own “safe space” areas, where Singapore key population could access without any interference and discreation from the law enforcement.

To provide the key population of people who under drugs/substance use disorder/dependency to a specific needs of the community intervention programs, that will help the individual to attained their own self-determination empowerment to their rights as a part of Singapore state people. To educate and encourage among the societal epesciallly the religion insitutional and community services, to eradicate against or displaying any stigma, stereotyping and discrimination attributes that they have been internalizing through their mentality accepetance to any past or current drug [ab]user.