Who is Lisa Ja’afar

A local female sex worker and drug activist, Lisa Ja’afar 37 years of age, and a single mother of two beautiful teenage girls . Based upon her own personal journey experiences to tackle her life obstacles challenges that she faces during her earlier period of transition to attained her own self-determination recognition rights as a human person. Enduring with too much of rejection in life, whereby not only that she was in the midst of losing the custodial custody of her own two children but also by taking up the ultimate decision in opted to do sex work as mean of surviving mode especially as a woman who did not possess any recognizable tertiary education level for her to sustains in the reality world of Singapore work industry. Herself made quotes “never to feel regrets” on whatever decision she need to made have allowed her to see the world through a different perception lens of life, by having the privilege to enter the colourful journey of life which allows her to be associated not only from just one level of the group-membership class level however based from her own family backgrounds, the circle of friends she befriended and of course, through her own personal experiences she faces have allowed her to really understand and resonate against the stratification and inequalities treatments faces by the disadvantages and most marginalize group-membership community in Singapore.





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