A local female sex worker and drug activist, Lisa Ja’afar 37 years of age, and a single mother of two beautiful teenage girls. and based on her own personal journey experiences to tackle the life challenges obstacles she faces during the earlier period of her transition to attained her own self-determination.  Based on herself made quotes of enduring with too much of rejection in life, whereby not only that she lost her own right of looking after her own two children but also by taking up the ultimate decision in opted to do sex work as mean of her mode of surviving especially for woman who enable to possess a highly recognisable tertiary education level for her to sustains the positive progressed in the reality world of Singapore work industry. Herself made quotes to “never to feel regrets” on whatever decision that a person need to made have allowed her to see the world through a different lens of life perception, and having the privilege based on her colourful journey not only to be associated and mixing from just one level of the societal group-membership yet through her own family backgrounds, the circle of friends she attained and of course through her own personal experiences she faces have allowed her to really understand and resonate against the stratification and inequalities treatments faces by the disadvantages and most marginalise group-membership community in Singapore.

Lisa Ja’afar had been a part of Project X staff from Dec 2014 till Sep 2016, she was posted as the associate program coordinator and outreach staff for the marginalised community members specifically targeted among the migrant and local sex workers in Singapore. And during the late Sept of 2016, she had chosen to resign as a full-time staff with Project X, whereas she had taken the opportunity to still be a part of the volunteer team and to be a part of the Project X community board member.  In a way to provide Lisa Ja’afar, her own freedom of space to indulges with her sudden emergence of passion in advocating against the human systems, stratification and inequality treatment encountered by the disadvantages minority and most marginalised key populations group-membership community especially on issues and topics about the local and migrant sex workers, LGBTQ, and the PUD community here in Singapore.

The sudden drive of emergence in her passion to the world of activism are built upon during her attachment period whilst working with Project X. Especially since Lisa was posted as the associate program coordinator, whereby among her main work priority are to produce and designed programmes or workshop that specifically cater to the sex workers community, initially to be using more on the platform of the technology digital media as to conducted for the work researchers for any updated information to any work-related on sex works. By taking an initiative approached to joined along through any articulate forum discussion from the regional and international sex workers networking movements, have allowed her to inherent that the activism work in Singapore are still having the lack of awareness on the cognitive notion of the world of activism. Sadly to realise that the lack of having the proper based foundation has to applied and having the appropriate recognition to the nation welfares and social work that have indirectly allowed for the dysfunction approached from the human systems development of the socio-economics.

By inheriting through her own personal initiative to obtained her own cognitive notion to inherent the appropriate approaches, especially in utilising the actual co-purposed of associating her advocacy work with the education and the foundation principle of human rights, have allowed her to reached a new accession whereby only at the age of 37, that her level of awareness and understanding to the fundamental principle on universal declaration of human rights and to emphasize significantly as the ultimate work reference to advocate for the human rights of the disadvantaged and most marginalize key population in Singapore, notably through her own personal past and current experience against the social welfare systems and the law policy here as allowed her to observe and realise that are other major factors that need for an emergency change especially towards the parochialism and juxtapose approach contributed mostly by the societal social structural systems in Singapore.

Through Lisa Ja’afar innovative suggestion of using the technology digital media as the platform mark, to gained the attention or awareness that needed the adequate and accessibility for any data-comparison information to be disseminated among the societal Singapore, and other part of the global world as to produce for the first-hand view of the actual facts through a more clearer and transparency, without concluding to any libelous or satirical remark against the continuous ongoing atrocities act of the oppression and disparity treatment contributed by state’s government and the societal institutional here in Singapore. To be having the privilege exposure for a self-journey reflection that are based on the qualitative personal experience of Lisa on ground first-hand direct exposure to the stereotypes, discriminatory and hostility treatment coming from the societal and the social institutional here, have allowed to empower herself to inherit for the courage as to be the ultimate voice for the marginalised and minority community.  Not only to advocate against the systems but also to build the starting seed to allow for all states people of Singapore to access without any prohibition to denied any individual to attained their own empowerment for self-determination recognition to the inclusion to access with their human rights as a person, by living and co-sharing the environment space with other human development of states country regardless of the gender identity they represented, the work they opted to be involved, the sexual lifestyles of an individual preferences, etc to be respected and  state’s government obligation commitment to ensure that all state people are protected without any prejudices and discriminatory actions. About