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A 39-year-old man crashed into a police vehicle, two taxis and a van after evading a police road block in Geylang on Tuesday (Nov 21).PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

Been Arrested for Evaded Police Road Block, As Well As Drug

Singapore – On Tuesday morning (Nov 21), a 39 years old man was arrested for evaded a police road block. The road block was conducted along Guillemard Road towards to Paya Lebar Road on Tuesday at 4.17 am, reported by the Strait Times.

The man had refused to comply with one of the police officer instruction as to stop his car, instead he had sped off and leading the police to pursue him on car chase, where he was later arrested drug and traffic-related offences.

In the event of speeding away from the police, the man had crashed into other vehicles, including a police vehicles, two taxis and van. No was reported for any serious injuries.

The 39 years old man, had young female companion with him during his rash act, currently he is still under police investigation. Published by Strait Time Online News
NOV 21, 2017.


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